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The Tempsford Times is the village magazine, distributed free of charge to all households in the village. It is a joint venture by the Tempsford Parish Council and St. Peter's Church, Tempsford. It is published every two months, normally on the first day of the odd months. It includes news from the two sponsoring organisations, and all other village organisations are invited to contribute information regarding their past and future activities. It includes both text and photographs.

Contributions that would be of interest to village residents are welcome from any source. Contributions that relate specifically to the local area are particularly welcome, but the editors are pleased to consider contributions on any topic. The magazine - which has just published its 33rd edition and has a circulation of around 270 - is financed by contributions from Tempsford Parish Council, the St. Alban's diocese and the County Council, and by advertising. Copies of our recent editions can be browsed or downloaded below.

Contributions can be sent by post to:
The Editor at 92 Station Road Tempsford, Sandy Beds. SG19 2AY

Advertising enquiries should be addressed to Adrian Besant by e-mail: adrian.besant@btinternet.com

Recent Editions:

January 2019 No 73

November 2018 No 72

September 2018 No 71

July 2018 No 70

May 2018 No 69

March 2018 No 68

January 2018 No 67

November 2017 No 66

September 2017 No 65

July 2017 No 64

May 2017 No 63

March 2017 No 62

January 2017 No 61

November 2016 No 60

September 2016 No 59

July 2016 No 58

May 2016 No 57

March 2016 No 56

January 2016 No 55

November 2015 No 54

September 2015 No 53

July 2015 No 52

May 2015 No 51

March 2015 No 50

January 2015 No 49