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Tempsford Parish Council

Mr A. Besant - Chairman

Mr S. Fraser - Vice Chairman

Mr S. Cooney

Mr J. Donnelly

Mr C. Bettles

Mrs T. Beaumont-Goddard

Ms L. Filby

Clerk - Ms L. Collins


To contact Tempsford Parish Council, please e-mail the clerk at: clerk@tempsford.org


Village Noticeboards

The village noticeboards are maintained by the Parish Council. They are there to display notices from the Parish Council and advertise local groups and events.

Businesses advertisements are not accepted on the noticeboards. Please contact the Tempsford Times for if you want to advertise your business. That is delivered to over 240 houses in Tempsford

If you wish to display a poster please contact either of the following:



Cllr A. Besant. 92 Station Rd


Future Parish Council meeting dates

18th November



Tempsford Parish Council - meeting agendas & minutes

24-03-19 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

15-07-19 Minutes

20-05-19 Minutes

04-03-19 Minutes

21-01-19 Minutes

19-11-18 Minutes

17-09-18 Minutes

16-07-18 Minutes

24-05-18 Minutes

26-03-18 Minutes

10-01-18 Minutes

20-11-17 Minutes

18-09-17 Minutes

17-07-17 Minutes

04-05-17 Annual Meeting Minutes

25-04-17 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

20-03-17 Minutes

16-01-17 Minutes

19-09-16 Minutes

18-07-16 Minutes

16-05-16 Minutes

21-03-16 Minutes

18-01-16 Addendum to Minutes

18-01-16 Minutes

16-11-15 Minutes

28-09-15 Minutes

20-07-15 Minutes

18-05-15 Minutes

02-03-15 Minutes

19-01-15 Minutes

17-11-14 Minutes

15-09-14 Minutes

21-7-14 Minutes

19-5-14 Annual Meeting

19-5-14 Annual Parish Meeting

26-4-14 Planning Meeting

26-4-14 Extraordinary Meeting

15-4-14 Annual Parish Meeting

18-3-14 Minutes

31-3-14 Relocation of Cenotaph

14-1-14 Minutes